My Font for Gmail

Fri 26 August 2011 by Lance Jian in Tool.

I have lots of plain text emails in Gmail. The format of those emails is always a problem: code and other nicely formated text are not aligned well because Gmail uses "arial,sans-serif" as the default font. I couldn't find a good solution to change it to a monospaced font, so I decided to write my own Google Chrome extension: My Font for Gmail.

This extension changes the default font of Gmail to any font you like. To use it:

  1. Click the "wrench" icon on upper-right corner of Chrome,
  2. Select tools->Extensions->My Font for Gmailâ„¢->options.
  3. Enter any font in your system.
  4. Click "Save".
  5. Refresh the Gmail page or re-open it.

Please note that this extension works best for plain-text emails. Rich-text(HTML) emails will possibly remain its original font because those emails can set their own font for each element. Usually this doesn't bother me since they are already well-formatted.

Source code is published at my git repository under MIT license.